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  1. Paying too much for Car Insurance, its time to seek change.
  2. When you must think of a new car insurance company.

Auto insurance is not a luxury but a necessity. And in order to get the maximum advantage experts recommend that you should shop around for auto insurance every 2-3 years. As policies change and newer players enter the market there are so many new attractive auto insurance schemes that you could benefit from. You should consider changing your auto insurance when:


You are availing a huge mortgage to buy property and the bank or institution offers you a lower interest rate on home and auto insurance through their tie -ups.


You want to cut costs and are trying to run your life on a budget. Shop around online for competitive auto insurance rates and change the car insurance company to one who offers the best deal.


You have moved to another state where the auto insurance rules are different and you will make a saving by transferring your insurance to a new car insurance company. Or when your old car insurance company does not offer service in your new state.


When the rates being paid by you are high and your car insurance company shows no inclination to offer you a competitive rate. If you are paying too much for car insurance its time you changed your car insurance company to one that is offering you great facilities and rates.


You have purchased a new car and the dealer is offering free insurance for three years. New cars have lower insurance rates so it is best for you to do a comparative study and find a car insurance company that offers a great deal. Car insurance rates vary greatly between car brands and types; find out which car insurance company offers the maximum coverage for the lowest rate.


You are getting married and now will have two cars. Think about cancelling your individual car insurance policies and getting a joint one for both cars. Similarly if your family is growing and you have many cars used by adults as well as kids, ask auto insurance companies about group insurance schemes that will cover all the cars and drivers in your home. Most companies offer great discounted rates for combining car insurance policies.


You are retired and now a senior citizen. Car insurance companies offer discounts to those who are 55 and above. There are a great many discounts available for a car that has a good insurance claim record, a car that is not driven every day, and a car that is single driver driven and well maintained.


You are eligible for coverage through your new job. Many large companies have facilities like auto insurance schemes at premium rates lower than the market. If you are working in such a firm then you must consider cancelling your old policy and taking a new one with the car insurance company chosen by your workplace.


Car insurance rates are prohibitive nowadays. Many families really struggle to pay the car insurance bill each month. And car insurance rates vary all the time. So if car insurance cost is an issue for you, what can you do about it?

The car insurance industry is a massive industry. It is also a highly competitive one, and car insurance rates vary over time as car insurance companies compete for business. Car insurance rates are often highly fluid.

It is entirely possible to lower the cost of your auto insurance rates by altering your behaviour, and you can do this by having a better understanding of how the rates are assessed.


 car insurance rates

Car insurance rates are based on an assessment of risk. Whilst insurance companies vary their rates to compete with other insurance companies, they also vary their rates based on their assessment of the risk posed by a particular driver driving a particular car. They do this because there is no point in buying business with low car insurance rates and then insuring high risk drivers at these rates. This is a recipe for losing money.

So, if you lower your risk, you lower your car insurance. How do you

lower your risk? Well there's a number of ways that your own driving and car behaviour can affect your car insurance rates.

Have a look at the car you drive. Is it suitable for your current needs? If not then would it be worthwhile to consider a change?

Different cars attract different auto insurance rates. Sports cars, high powered cars and cars at greater risk of theft attract higher rates. How long have you had your car and would it be wise to think about another one that would be cheaper to insure and more useful to you?

Are you a safe driver? Do you stick to the speed limit? Are you at risk of other driving offences? Many people do not think about some of the consequences of speeding tickets and driving offences until after they have seen their subsequent car insurance bill.

Your risk profile is a direct result of your driving record. A clean driving record and you will be rewarded by cheaper rates. A poor driving record and you will be penalised, usually for quite a while.

Are you willing to attend driver training courses? Many car insurance companies offer specific discounts for drivers who have attended a course. Why? Lower risk.

Are you willing to drive less? Could you car pool or use public transport to get to work? Car insurance companies look at the amount of driving their clients do when assessing their car insurance rates. Why? Lower risk. Less miles driven equals less risk. And you'll save on other car costs too.

So if auto insurance costs are an issue for you and your family there are things you can do. These are just a few of those things, there are many more. Car insurance rates are not set in stone.



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